Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Drawing and Cardboard Sculpting at Cockburn School in Leeds.

Figure and Birds - cardboard, acrylic and posca
I had a great time today working with pupils and staff at Cockburn School in Leeds. Twenty year 7 and 8 pupils attended the workshop during their half-term holidays, along with a friendly, supportive and enthusiastic staff team. We worked through a variety of drawing exercises followed by the construction of a series of collaborative cardboard sculptures, two of which you can see here. Super fantastic!

Skull and Crown

Monday, 28 October 2013

Large Cardboard Characters at Netherhall School, Maryport, Cumbria

Friday was a day of driving, driving rain and Cardboard! I spent the day working with an enthusiastic group of boys at Netherhall School, Maryport, creating a series of works on paper, wire drawings, and then eventually these two larger than life characters, which were made collaboratively by the whole group using cardboard and Posca Pens!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Chickens Tale - Day 002

Day two of the 'A Chickens Tale' project at Battyeford Primary School in Mirfield (Early Years), and once again a hive of activity. Pen and wash, mixed media work on cardboard, collaborative work on tracing paper, spray paint stencils and Mono-printing (courtesy of Mrs Dean). Awesome! To be continued in a couple of weeks....
Pen and wash chicken

Mixed media on tracing paper

Cardboard, acrylic and Posca

Mixed media collaborative work

Pen and wash

Posca, oil pastel and acrylic on Card

Posca Embelishments

Posca Chickens

Mono prints

Drawing on tracing paper

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Chickens Tale - Day 001

Collaborative Posca Work
Working on Cardboard
Today saw the start of the much anticipated  'A Chickens Tale' project at Battyeford Primary School in Mirfield. I am working within the early years in collaboration with the young pupils, to make a body of work inspired by the seven chickens who now live in the outdoors area of the setting.
The day started with a visit to see the chickens and the discovery of a blue egg,  followed by a frenzy of drawing, painting and collaborative Posca work. I can't wait for tomorrow!

Posca Chicken on Card

Collaborative Chickens (unfinished)

Pen and Wash

Pen, acrylic, Posca and oil Pastel on paper

More Collaboration!