Saturday, 23 June 2012

Scholes Photography Project - Day 2

I have just had another wonderful day at Scholes J&I School working with Y5 pupils on a photography project. Today the children have been using iPods and iPads to explore the school from almost every angle imaginable! 

Children have been laying on the floor, climbing on apparatus, bending down, stretching up, standing on chairs and peering around corners in order to get interesting, dynamic and unusual shots. 

The children have very quickly developed an understanding of what makes a 'good image', have taken the time to consider the composition and framing of their shots and they have therefore captured some amazing images. They have also learnt how to use a variety of apps to help enhance their images. 

So far the children have begun to develop a very unique library of images and I am looking forward to working with them next week on the final montage which will feature a selection of their images. 

 A lot of the children I am working with are excited about the extent to which they can now use their iPods and iPads creatively, which they had not realised before the project.  I am delighted that they are keen to continue their photography work beyond the project and I am sure they will continue to produce great images.


  1. Love the images, and really love the aesthetic of the pegs and digital prints - awesome!!