Friday, 4 May 2012

Habitats - Hyrstmount Animation Project - Day 6

Today has been the last day of the animation project at Hyrstmount Junior School. The children have recorded the narration for their film which they have delivered in a documentary style. They have also photographed the titles for the credit sequence and gathered together all the artwork they have created throughout the project, ready for a wonderful display in school.

Sound recording
This has been a fantastic project and the children have been a joy to work with. Here's a run down of everything they have been involved in throughout the creation of their Habitats Film...

Continuous Line Drawing

Designing characters

Exploring animals and their habitats through large drawings

Drawing animals in their habitats with berol pens and a water wash
Designing cardboard characters for the replacement animation technique
Creating the backgrounds

Animating the characters

Animating the characters on set
The children have also been involved in recording the narration, researching animals and their habitats, writing and sharing. What a fantastic project! Well done everyone!!


  1. What animation software are you using?

  2. This is an app called Dragonframe (previously dragon). But I would also recommend iStopmotion, which also runs on iPad, iPhone and itouch.