Thursday, 3 May 2012

Habitats - Hyrstmount Animation Project - Day 5

The children at Hyrstmount Junior School have had another fantastic day working on their Habitats Animation Project. This morning saw the creation of a second owl character and ten replacement owls were made in less than 20 minutes by a group of enthusiastic pupils. The remainder of the day was filled with animating, animating and more animating! As a result of this the animation phase is now complete and tomorrow sees a day of sound recording, music creation and narration. Yay!

Pupil diary extracts:
"Today was a fabulous day with the artists because me and Noor had so much fun filming and playing. It was fun!"

"Today I went with Paul and did some pictures and swapped the badgers and owls. I broke the flower [which was part of the set], Paul got his glue gun and fixed it. And then we watched the clip. It looked like the badger was on a skateboard!"


  1. I wish I could come and see you at work kids! I'm loving the chance to follow this project online.

  2. So proud of all the creative children who took part in this project, especially the school staff who wer able to give these lucky children this brilliant opportunity. Keep up the good work! :-)