Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wild Thing Inspired Animation at Reinwood Juniors

Filming Max and the boat with iStopmotion on the iPad
Recently I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful Y3 class at Reinwood Junior School in Huddersfield for four days, making artwork in response to one of my all time favorite picture books, Where the Wild Things Are. The children made a series of amazing collaborative drawings using a range of drawing techniques, they used iPads to create digital drawings and storyboards,  and eventually created a short animated piece which was captured and edited using only an iPad and a selection of fantastic apps.

Wild Things from Fabric Lenny on Vimeo.

Drawings with pen and wash

Cardboard Characters drawn with Posca Pens
More replacement Characters
Animating with the iPad
Editing the film with Cute Cut on the iPad
Apps used during the project: iStopmotion for iPad, Cute Cut, Comic Life, Brushes, Puppet Pals HD and Over.

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