Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Return to Littletown - Day Two

Today was defined by two separate activities, both equally interesting and rewarding. Firstly, the construction of a cardboard dinosaur (or monster, or alien creature, or more specifically allosaurus), followed by the further explorations of black and white collaborative drawings, with the view to creating a couple of large scale exterior panels to be displayed in the playground.

The Creature Begins

Pupils from class 2 return to Early Years to help out!

There was a lovely moment during one of the collaborative drawing sessions where a pupil from class 2 had a supportive conversation with one of the Nursery children, explaining that holding the pen nearer the tip would give him more control when drawing!

A great explanation of the pros and cons of pen handling

and it worked!

A set of Collaborative Drawings from Today

Children Playing


Monday, 16 September 2013

Return to Littletown

I am really happy to be following up the amazing iCollaborate project this week with a four day project working within the Early Years setting at Littletown J.I.N School. I am working with the group of boys I first worked with before the summer, along with some of the new starters in both Nursery and Reception.... Today started with an introduction to the 'automatic hat technique', quickly followed with an intense session of drawing, the fruits of which will inform a pair of large scale printed panels to be installed in the school playground. I look forward to what the coming days have in store!
The Automatic Hat Technique

The Automatic Hat Technique - continued

The start of something BIG!

Adventurous Marks

Brush pen textures
Playground Scenes - lovely collaborative compositions

More Collaborative drawing

And more!