Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Return to Littletown - Day Two

Today was defined by two separate activities, both equally interesting and rewarding. Firstly, the construction of a cardboard dinosaur (or monster, or alien creature, or more specifically allosaurus), followed by the further explorations of black and white collaborative drawings, with the view to creating a couple of large scale exterior panels to be displayed in the playground.

The Creature Begins

Pupils from class 2 return to Early Years to help out!

There was a lovely moment during one of the collaborative drawing sessions where a pupil from class 2 had a supportive conversation with one of the Nursery children, explaining that holding the pen nearer the tip would give him more control when drawing!

A great explanation of the pros and cons of pen handling

and it worked!

A set of Collaborative Drawings from Today

Children Playing


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