Friday, 31 May 2013

Art and Maths at CBC Bradford - Post 1

Last week I delivered a great project at Carlton Bolling College in Bradford (CBC), alongside friend and Fingerpainter, Benjamin Rabe. Benjamin flew in from Germany to work on the project for four days. A rare treat for us! The project took maths, and more specifically tessellations and form as a starting point. We worked with twenty pupils, ten from CBC and ten from a local feeder school, Westminster Primary. Pupils paired up, year 3 children working with year 8 chidren and the team working and collaboration was fantastic.

Working at Cartwright Hall Gallery
On day two of the project we spent a day at Cartwright Hall sketching  from sculptural pieces withing the collection, with a view to creating collaborative works. We also spent a significant amount of time sketching from the amazing work of Sculptor Jake Harvey.

Stetching from Jake Harvey's Sketckbooks

The plan was to explore drawing and sketching using a variety of lo-tech and hi-tech approached, marker pen on cardboard, pencil on paper, finger on iPad and Wacom Tablets with Photoshop, to create images inspired by tessellations and Sculpture.

Bull / Minotaur inspired tessellation
Sketchbook Work
Sketchbook Page

Design from minotaur

Sketchbook Page

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