Friday, 30 August 2013

The Wall, Final Session. Midland Road, Bradford

Wow! What a day! Another great session with Lou Sumray, and the lovely family groups at Midland Road. A  variety of drawings made individually and collaboratively. Parents and children working together, amazing calm and careful working, and as Sharon the Head Teacher, said 'at times it was almost spiritual'.
We were also very fortunate to be visited by a variety of exotic animals, including Giant Hissing Cockroaches, a Skunk and a number of Snakes, which became our models during the session. A truly awesome day! I look forward to seeing the permanent artwork that will be created from this beautiful body of work....

Drawing with felt tip pens lashed to sticks

Wax resist and Brusho Ink

Ink, Brusho and Wax Resist

Working with the OHP

The Grumpy Chameleon

Giant Hissing Cockroaches

Drawing the Tortoise

More Stick Drawing

Drawing with a Suspended Stick Pen

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful photos Paul you really have captured the 'spiritual' nature of the project! Glad you havent posted my squeemish responce to some of the creatures!
    It was a great session as by all accounts was each one, ive no doubt its impact will go on for some time to come with lots of talk and drawing, much of which we will never about im sure!
    Really excited about getting the display together - even on a sunday!
    Thankyou so much again to you and Lou for your inspiration, and commitment to us. Looking forward to the Artworks celebration day and the opening!