Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Wall - Midland Road Bradford

I am pleased to be delivering this Artworks project alongside friend and fellow Artist Lou Sumray with families at Midland Road Nursery School and Childrens Centre in Bradford. We are planning to create an artistic intervention in, on or around a big and rather beautiful old wall that runs along part of Midland road adjacent to the Nursery. Today was a splendid day with lots of family and group working, great drawings and a visit to explore the wall! - FL

Collaborative Drawing

Searching for bug based inspiration

Exploring the wall with the Lou-o-scope

Drawing the wall on Midland Road

A Lou character hiding in the cracks!


Wire drawing!

Me and Iron Man

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  1. Really looking forward to project taking place again tomorrow, heard such wonderful things from staff and parents. Seems to have been a highlight of our summer activities and there we were wondering if children and families would come!