Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Crowlees Photography Project - Day 2

I have just had another amazing day at Crowlees J&I School in Mirfield, on their Arts 4 All Photography project. I have been working with Y5 pupils to capture images throughout their school on mobile devices and then process them for creative effect in a range of apps. The children have approached their photography very creatively, exploring many ways in which to capture interesting images. Today we focused on numbers, letters, portraits and shadows and due to the creative angles used, the children have produced some wonderful images.

 And here are some of their images - they had great fun stitching images in various apps...

The children also used some of their images as inspiration for drawing and produced some 'extended drawings - drawing beyond the frame', and also drew directly from their images on the iPad and the iPod Touch. The children had a fantastic day and are creating a wonderful set of imagery for presentation in their book. YR

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