Monday, 2 July 2012

Experimental Murals at Kirkburton

Day one of the Arts 4 All project at Kirkburton Middle School was full on and very productive. I am working with 15 Year Seven boys, with the goal of creating two 8' x 4' collaborative paintings which will be installed in the school. The day started with a brief introduction followed by  warm-up drawing exercises, one looking at continuous line drawing, the other at collaborative working.
Examples of continuous line work with wash

Collaborative drawing looking at negative space and interlocking shape
The pupils then moved on to painting in pairs with acrylic paint using rollers, brushes, sponges and card. The idea was to dig around in the process with a view to unearthing imagery. This is a tough concept, but the majority of the group embraced the process and came up with some amazing images.

Two Figures
Head and Arm


Head and Thoughts

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