Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Crowlees Photography Project - Day 3

It was my third day at Crowlees J&I School today and it has been another super day! The children brought in some of their treasured possessions and in pairs they had to decide how they wanted to photograph them, using the school and its colourful surroundings as a back drop. They explored their school looking for suitable locations and creative angles in which to capture interesting and unusual images of their possessions. The children worked amazingly all day, sharing ideas and discussing how to capture and process their images. By the end of the session they were confidently discussing concepts such as lighting, composition, perspective and depth of field and were excited about creating more photographic images at home!

And here are some of the images the children captured of their treasured possessions...

Throughout the week I have been hanging up prints of the children's images as they have produced them. I am really impressed at the amount of work they have produced and think their work looks great pegged up around school! YR

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