Saturday, 7 July 2012

Crowlees Photography Project - Day 4

I have just completed the last day of the photography project at Crowlees J&I School and have had a great time. Throughout the week I have been working with Y5 pupils to explore their school through the lens' of mobile devices including iPhones, iPod Touchs and iPads. I have been encouraging the children to look very closely at their surroundings and seek out interesting and unusual shots which they have then processed using various apps. 

Along the way they have captured images focused on numbers, letters, people, textures, treasured possessions, the school building, reflections and nature, plus anything else that has captured their interest. They have worked extremely hard and have produced a library of images will feature in a limited edition book and a Montage Print to be displayed in school.

And here are some of the children's images focused on the theme of school, captured through reflections and interesting angles and processed through a range of apps.

Throughout the week the children have also used their images as inspiration for drawing and creative writing, which will also feature in the book along with their photographic images. Stories include "The Chocolate Dilemma", "The Magic keyboard" and "The Mystery of the Open Door."

The children have been a joy to work and have shared with me images they have taken at home following their time on the project. The children's work has impacted on the rest of the school and teachers have already begun to use creative photography in their classrooms. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and support on this project, and I hope you continue to create beautiful photography. YR

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